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About the Artist

Lexi Mitchell


I feel very lucky to be serving Celebrity Cruises as Specialty Sketch Artist. This very unique position allows me to share my passion of art with many people as they travel the high seas. Through performing live painting, I am able to add a never before seen dimension to exciting production shows. Not only do I add an interesting visuals to the performance, but I also get to stretch the audiences' minds by doing speed painting. For a personal touch, I am afforded the opportunity to draw portraits for guests during production shows as well, leaving them with a small but special gift to remember forever. 


In addition to performing, I am so glad to be teaching art classes. I have developed classes that range in difficulty. Ultimately, my goal is to give guests of all experience levels a chance to learn approachable drawing technique while still having fun. Guests always leave my classes with a finished piece. I believe that we all benefit from including art in our lives, from making it and appreciating it. Sharing my passion of art is one of the things I am most excited to continue doing. 



 For many years I have been honing my artistic skill and style, working towards a unique look that I can call my own. As a young artist, I feel that I have not yet found a signature style. I relish the fact that I have such a wide creative window within which I express my inspirations.

I started creating art at a very young age, art class was always my favorite. At the age of 13 it became a serious hobby,  painting furniture with outlandishly bright colors and shapes only fitting to a middle school girl. Throughout my teen years I continued to work on art inside and outside of school, and eventually decided to make it a part of my college degree. 

While painting is my primary art medium, I also practice drawing, metal smithing, and multi-media sculpture. Art has without a doubt brightened our world and our smaller communities. I hope that by practicing art, I can continue that reflection within a viewer.


I graduated from the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Design/Technology and a minor in Art. 

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